First-2-Aid-U Ltd provide specialist training courses which have been designed by ex-forces personnel to deliver skills that will benefit delegates in survival and safety techniques in arduous situations such as Remote Area Isolation, Terrorist Awareness and Survival and Tactical Team Medic Trauma.

Survival In Remote Areas

When conditions prevent extraction in remote areas, the skills gained on this course could be critical to improving chances of survival.

S.I.R.A. aims to provide progressive training for teams and engineers, enhancing real life skills that are essential to working in remote locations. Delegates will be instructed how to be deployed by means of helicopter, with all equipment that will be required on a remote location and manifested to support the project.

S.I.R.A. will deliver theoretical and practical survival, lifesaving and medical skills along with survival mindset and psychology techniques to support leading construction companies, enhancing their skills to help save and preserve life in remote and hostile environments.

Some key subjects of the course are as follows:

  • Helicopter deployment / extraction
  • Survival Mindset & Psychology
  • Principles of Survival
  • Survival grab bags, components and uses
  • Improvised shelter builds
  • Different methods of fire making
  • Water sourcing and purification
  • Navigation and Signalling
  • Confirmatory test scenarios utilising Incident Control Point. (ICP)
  • Command and control and communication skills
  • Rescue Signals
  • Navigation
  • Incident Control Management
  • Advanced Life Support
  • Tourniquet & Emergency Bandage
  • Hemcon
  • Casualty Rescue and Extraction.

Course Description

This is a specialist course combining :

  • Threat Assessment and Evasion
  • Emergency First Aid
  • Catastrophic Injury Management


Why is this course important?

This is indeed a very different world we live in. I never would have thought that when I left the Armed Forces after 22 years of operational service in many war zones such as Afghanistan, Iraq and Bosnia that i would be teaching this vital training to civilians in every day life.

Although the chances of being caught up in an incident is small, the likelihood of such an incident occurring in the UK is escalating, so the advice from Brigadier Tim Hodgetts and Prof Sir Keith Porter (co-developers of the app CitizenAID) along with the UK security services say it is a good idea for people to have a plan and the knowledge and skills to help each other in the event of a terrorist attack.

In such a situation, there are usually multiple casualties which puts huge pressure on the emergency services, so everyone can help - or even save lives.

What you will learn?

The course includes instructions on how to stay as safe as possible from the outset of a terrorist attack through the procedure of dealing with personal injury or casualties with life threatening catastrophic injuries.

It guides people through first aid procedures such as packing, putting pressure on and elevating a wound, and how to improvise or use specialist life saving equipment such as tourniquets and Israeli bandages.

The programme also explains how to prioritise those who need treatment first and what to tell the emergency services once they arrive.

You could save lives.

Israeli Bandage


First Person On Scene (FPOS)

Please note all courses will include the Tactical Team Medic Module






MEDICAL: First person on-scene Intermediate Ed Excel Level 2

All candidates that complete our FPOS are entitled to free refresher training when their certificate is due to expire.

Please Contact us for pricing and availability.

In association with Britannia Maritime Security, Maritime Security Scotland and Horizon Security Solutions, this specialist team medic course has been designed in partnership with First 2 Aid U Training Ltd alongside the Military and Police care under fire response course that is vital to any forward Security Operational teams in this field.

Certification is well earned gaining more Medical Skills and competencies in Advance First Aid Training, Including Automated External Defibrillation (AED).


Course Overview

The one day course covers the following:


Care Under Fire Module: Drivers and Constraints, Treats, SAFE approach, Interventions, Triage & Sortie.

Airway Management: Jaw Thrust & Chin Lift, Guedel Airway & LMA

Casualty Report & Communication Skills: AMIST Report & Medic Hand Over, METHANE Report Comms RX & TX.

Tactical Field Care: Catastrophic Injuries, Emergency Resus CRP & AED, Cat C Tourniquet, Hemcon & Celox Dressings, Emergency Elastic Care Bandage.

Breathing Management: Bag & Mask Skills, Asherman & Bolin Chest Seal.

Mechanisms of Injury: Blast & Fragmentation, Gunshot Wounds, Stab & Burn Wounds, Fall & Crush Injury.


Practical Tests and Assessment confirms the students standards of training towards certification. The course is:

Recognised both with Maritime & HSE Governing Bodies.

First Aid Awards Ltd CPR & AED Level 2 (England, Wales & Northern Ireland) / Level 5 (Scotland).

FOFATO - Federation of First Aid Training Organisation approved member.


All Instructors are fully qualified, vetted and experienced ex-service personnel.

For futher details on availability please phone 07875 559065

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